I think we can safely say that the festive season is now a distant memory, and the new resolutions are in full swing – out with the chocolates in with the cardboard flavoured rye biscuits. So how’s it going?


Have you donned the Lycra and made your way through the muddy lanes in those new running shoes you got for Christmas? Or like me, have you fallen at the first hurdle, I mean come on… It’s cold and dark outside of a morning, plus I’m not sure the neighbourhood really wants to see me bounding around like a baby elephant before breakfast, and besides I got many a lovely baggy jumper dress this Christmas so no one can really see just exactly how much pudding I actually ate, so I think I’ll save my fitness  resolutions until the weather warms up because an Eskimo……. I clearly am not.


However never fear all is not lost, especially for those clever ladies that resolved  to make more time for themselves, those workaholics and busy mums that never look in the mirror for fear of the monstrosity that might well be staring right  back at them, so what is the solution?  I hear you ask, for beating these January blues? A visit to salon 54, a place where for an hour or so the world revolves around you, a place where you can be pampered and feel relaxed, waited on, prepped and preened and leave looking and feeling like Superwoman (minus the ridiculous outfits and red cape)

you can start the New Year as you mean to go on, one our team of experts will have all you bad ass babes ready to take what ever this year decides to throw at you and your beautiful hair, because at the end of the day you’re worth it……. And besides we can’t all hide under our pom-pom hats  for too long……… Fingers crossed, Bbbbbrrrrrrrrrr!