You may be getting that summer wardrobe in place and working on that Bikini body but preparing your locks for summer is essential.

From choosing a new look, deciding on a colour change, or simply protecting your tresses from potential damage, we’ll take you through the steps needed to get your hair summer-ready.

1. Damage Free.

Before the summer starts, book in and get yourself a hair cut. Even if its just the ends, split ends can go un noticed in winter with all the dreary weather, and hats, but once the sun starts shining they’re going to stand out like a sore thumb, all frizzy and dry. Plus you’ll feel fresh and ready for anything!

2. Brighten your look.

Summer is the season to give your colour a lift, if you were ever thinking of a lighter shade, then nows the time to do it. Make sure you take full advantage of a colour consultation, with one of our award winning colour experts, its not just Bleach blonde hi lights to suit all…..your colourist will talk through a look that will suit you and your hair, giving you that sun kissed goddess look you’ll be the envy of everyone on your holidays.

3. Pick the right products.

Keep in mind that your hair is exposed to a lot more damage during summer months, uva rays, swimming pools, sea water, more washing and styling than usual so change up your care products, for something with a little more moisture, as well as sun protection, just as you would protect your skin your hair needs some extra TLC too. And if your not blessed with perfectly smooth shiny hair, then your going to need something to help keep out the humidity and keep the frizz at bay, theres plenty of effective and affordable sprays, serums and creams available, ask your stylist to give you their recommendation to keep your summer hair routine simple, easy and keep your hair damage free.

4. Summer styles.

Effortless and elegant works well for summer months, so get practicing with some cute hairstyles that work for you. soft waves and beachy braids are big this season, so watch some tutorials and then go knock ’em dead at the festivals.

5. Accessorize.

Summer is the season for fun and flirty accessories, from feathers, and fancy clips to colour full scarves, theres something to suit everyone. Invest in a hat, not only will it set off your summer look, and make you stand out from the crowd as a fashionista, but it will protect your hair and face from the sun. Plus, its a great option to have a handy hat on bad hair days!