Consultation is key, and after all they’re FREE!

So you may have heard we are the best colourists around, and our clients have the healthiest hair

why? because we love nothing more than sitting and having a chat with our clients, if you fancy  a colour change or even just a tweak , Salon 54 team love to  plan your colour journey with you.

We get so many enquiries asking for a price with an Instagram picture attached, and our answer is always the same – come in, let us see your hair and analyse it properly.  We need a little hair history to determine the best route to get you to your desired colour, it might be that it’s not going to be a two-hour,  £40 service, you may have to embark on a journey with us, in order for us to make the magic happen, but either way we will be completely honest with you, because we want exactly what you want, we want you to have beautiful hair just as much as you do.

Salon 54 team will always take the best option for the hair’s integrity, even if it means we have to come up with another colour option, but we will always try our hardest to give you the colour of your dreams, with condition and shine that will have you sparkling like a star.

So don’t be scared, we don’t bite, come in , have a chat and tell us about the hair of your dreams and we will use all our awesome skills to deliver, you see your hair really does deserve so much more than copying an integral picture, Be unique- be you!