It started in New York, with the now Famous Lorraine Massey and her Curly girl method.

Along with the Deva Curl cutting technique, its fast made its way across the pond to us here in North Yorkshire!

Embracing the natural, the curl trend is here and it looks like it’s here to stay. With demand for Curly hair cutters on the increase, we are seeing salons retraining in cutting curly hair and implementing a resident curl expert.

But beware, not all hairdressers are created equal, and managing curly hair really does take expertise, we are hearing a lot of horror stories from our curly clients, and if you’ve got a natural bounce you’ll know that a wet curl can

Shrink up to 40% when dry, so a wet trim can fast dry into a hell of a chop, that’s why our curl expert has adopted and perfected her Dry cut curl technique for curly girls.

So are you ready to embark on your curly journey? Then here’s some tips to get you started….

1) Throw away your shampoo!

That’s right; you’re going to follow the “no poo” method. Allot of shampoos contain drying SULFATES and SILICONES, these detergents are damaging for curls, causing them to be stripped of moisture and left frizzy and un cooperative.

If you really must use a shampoo on the odd occasion use a milder sufate free with COCAMIDOPRPYL BETAINE or COCO BETAINE.

And remember to give your curls time to adjust to the No poo method, it can take 2-6 weeks, and may look worse to begin with, it can take months to bring hair back to health after years of straightening and being stripped of moisture.

2) Wet hair. Gently massage conditioner into your scalp, the rubbing of your fingertips is enough to loosen dirt, comb through the hair to detangle with fingers, you can use a wide toothed comb at this point to detangle while conditioner is on,

But be gentle and combe from the bottom working up.

3) Do not use a traditional towel, they will break and frizz your hair. Instead use micro fibre, or a T-shirt. use a technique called “Plopping” the hair… a T-shirt on the bed, bend over and lower your hair onto it, when the top of your head touches the

Garment wraps the sides and secure at the back. Leave this on for 5-10 mins to soak up excess moisture.

4) Apply leave in conditioner, then use a silicone free oil, this is called the LOC method (leave in oil/cream) and finally apply your chosen styling product, a gel or a mousse, distribute evenly using your fingers in a rakeing method.

Using thumb and finger gently twist each curl in sections to create definition, then leave to air dry for best results. you may use a diffuser to speed up drying however do not touch the hair once its 50% dry as this will disturb the curl and make frizz, and don’t dry the

Hair more than 80% dry

5) Next day refresh…. use your favourite conditioner in a spray bottle with water, 1 part conditioner, and 1 part water. Spay in and re-twist any curls that have flattened or frizzed. Leave to air dry.

You’ll need to keep those curls trimmed every 4-6 months, sooner if you style a lot.

For more curly Hair Hacks, hints and tips from our curl experts, or to book in for a curly cut, contact Salon 54 on:  01845 574168.